Print & Ship™ A5 Shipping Label

A5 - A50055

Over 25 years of experience in adhesive coatings combined with meticulously selected raw materials and vigorus quality control, allows Pinnpoint™ to deliver the finest product available in the industry today. Print & Ship™ meets and exceeds the requirements for today’s most demanding print imaging devices.


Target Adhesive™ allows us to pattern adhesive in any configuration to improve performance and satisfy unique applications.

Dynafuse™ is our proprietary toner anchor coating which ensures that the toner adheres to the liner paper.

Marketing Capabilities

Print & Ship™ redefines todays packing list.  Leverage your digital marketing strategy to dynamically apply direct messaging and calls to action with each shipment.

True Process Improvement

Fewer steps in the process increases efficiency and productivity.

Green Solution

We use a laser face sheet that is 100% recyclable and carries an FSC stamp of approval for low emissions during manufacturing.

Our water-based adhesives break down without harm to micro-ecosystems and meet the repulpability requirements of the Forest Products Lab.

Almost 25 pounds of weight and precious landfill space are eliminated for every 1000 boxes shipped using Print & Ship™.

Improve Shipping Accuracy

Eliminate costly returns and lost shipments with the true money-saving process improvement.

Front | Shipping Label

A true money-saving process improvement for many of today’s shipping environments.

Back | Landscape

Back | Portrait

Back | Packing Slip

Completely customize the packing list in either a portrait or landscape format and include promotions and customer calls to action.

Print & Ship™ Docs

Download and print test sample for select imaging devices

Label Face

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