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Pinnpoint™ is excited to introduce our newest disruptive offering, bibtrac™.

Set to revolutionize the world of race timing, bibtrac™ is an RFID sports timing bib created using the Smartrac DogBone Monza R6 RFID inlay and can be simultaneously printed and encoded using Lexmark’s line of RFID-enabled printers and MFPs.

  • 1000 Sheets/Case

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This all in one “one step” duplex printed and encoded sports timing bib provides unparalleled operating efficiencies by eliminating the multi-step process used in the industry today.

  • Designed for the Lexmark RFID Printing Devices
  • Sizes A5 and 23 x 21
  • Smartrac DogBone Monza R6
  • All-weather
  • Duplex Printing Capable for all in one participant information

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Product: bibtrac™