Pinnpoint’s Focus On Sustainable Shipping

July 21, 2021

By using environmentally friendly materials, reducing single-use plastic waste, and implementing our tree-planting initiative this fall, we’re working hard to increase sustainability and reduce environmental impact in shipping and manufacturing. 

Low Impact Materials 

The Print & Ship label is produced with face sheet paper that has received the Forest Stewardship Council mark of responsible forestry since 2013. This certifies that each stage in the chain of custody has met demanding environmental, social, and economic requirements.

Our adhesive has been formulated for high removable efficiencies in paper recycling operations and is designed for the most demanding of applications. Additionally, the liner, or backing paper, is duplex printing qualified for secure toner anchorage by Lexmark, which means no toner dispenses in the printer during imaging. 

Paper-Saving Design

Greener shipping doesn’t have to mean a warehouse overhaul. By using Print & Ship, companies save paper and toner while omitting single-use plastic from labeling packages. By combining the packing slip and shipping label into one document instead of two separate items, plastic waste is greatly cut on each item shipped. In fact, almost 25 pounds of weight and precious landfill space are eliminated for every 1,000 boxes shipped using Print & Ship.

Our Tree-Planting Commitment 

We’re proud to take our green commitment one step further by partnering with Giveth, an organization using open-source blockchain technology to make the world a better place. Beginning this Fall, a tree will be planted for every box of Print & Ship labels sold!

All donations through Giveth will be recorded on public blockchains, ensuring trees are planted in conjunction with Pinnpoint’s commitment to planet earth. We’re so excited to give back and help renew the planet’s resources through our upcoming partnership.