Pinnpoint Integration Module

Pinnpoint Integration Module (PIM) is a tool to help automate your use of Pinnpoint’s Print & Ship labels.
Pinnpoint’s own software, PIM is a Java-Based application for Print & Ship and Print Ship & Return that connects easily with any ERP or WMS system, fully supported with our Professional Services department. 

Seamless Automation

PIM is a Java-Based application which monitors folders on your server for shipping labels.  When shipping labels are found, PIM will locate the associated packing list.  The two documents are merged together and printed on the duplex Pinnpoint Print & Ship label.
Using PIM saves you time and money by automatically locating your shipping labels and packing lists, scaling them to fit the Pinnpoint label, and sending them to the printer.  If your ERP system can deliver the documents to the folder, you’ve got a seamless, end-to-end automated process for label creation.  If your ERP doesn’t offer this functionality, we will work with them to find a solution that’s right for you.    

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