Our global alliance

Pinnpoint, Lexmark and Smartrac combine to harmoniously simplify your entry to the complete offering provided by RFID printing labels and solutions with easier adoption, reduced steps and almost no friction.

Together, we are bringing real, cutting-edge, “frictionless” RFID and IoT-connected products to solve real-world logistical challenges.

Lexmark International, Inc.

Hardware Solutions Partner

Pinnpoint™ has partnered with Lexmark™ to design, develop and qualify our proprietary label sheets with their high-performance imaging devices. These cutting-edge devices provide simultaneous high-resolution printing and UHF programming of RFID tags on Pinnpoint RFID-enabled forms and label media.


RFID Partner

Global RFID and IoT pacesetter SMARTRAC fosters
innovation by continuously improving and enhancing its
product and solution portfolio.

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