DTK Print & Ship

DTK Group Implements the Print & Ship Solution

July 21, 2021

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with the DTK Group, a logistics and transportation company with locations spanning Europe and Scandinavia. After realizing considerable growth year after year, the DTK Group integrated Pinnpoint’s Print & Ship label solution to keep up with growing demand and increase warehouse productivity. We couldn’t be happier to team up with DTK in addition to our partners Lexmark and Transsmart to help implement this innovative solution!

Originally producing paper bags for takeaway, DTK soon expanded their product offering into multiple new divisions such as sportswear, packaging materials, E-bikes, and more. After 5 years and 100% growth year after year, Edwin Schildkamp and his team knew they needed to invest in a new warehouse management system in order to optimize production. 

DTK was introduced to Print & Ship from Lexmark’s Callan Van Laack. After learning about the sustainability and time-saving benefits, DTK decided to integrate this solution into their warehouse.  With the help of our partners, DTK easily implemented Print & Ship using a Lexmark printer and Transsmart’s powerful software.

Previously, their shipping process took almost 2.5 minutes per complete order and consisted of multiple steps—printing the order, printing the packing slip, printing the shipping label, and placing each element on the box. Now, with the Print & Ship solution, DTK can complete an order in less than 15 seconds. Print & Ship combines the packing slip and shipping label into one simple document, so there’s no risk of confusion and makes it fast and easy to simply attach the label to the box.

Since implementing Print & Ship, DTK is saving 35 printing hours every day! Callan Van Laack describes Print & Ship as a triple strike—it’s environmentally friendly by eliminating single-use plastic, it lowers costs, and it increases DTK’s production capacity by accelerating their shipping process from minutes to mere seconds. Implementing this solution was simple and only required Pinnpoint’s labels, a single Lexmark printer, and software from Transsmart.

We couldn’t be more excited about our partnership with the DTK Group! Remarking on the benefits, Edwin Schildkamp says that since implementing Print & Ship, the entire shipping process has been streamlined resulting in more orders in the same amount of time, there’s less stress involved, and there’s reduced energy and plastic waste on each box shipped. Together, Pinnpoint, Lexmark, Transsmart, and the DTK Group are increasing sustainability and creating true process improvements.